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We’re hospitable, we’re story tellers and we are here to help you create memorable experiences. Want to know more about the region and what makes it so special, read on below.

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You can almost see the local mussel farms from our balconies.
Portarlington mussels are world class and we want to show you where to eat them, how to cook them and bust a myth while we’re at it.

There are not many places where you can sail to a beautiful region full of wineries and wonderful places to explore.
The sights, the fresh air and the anticipation are all part of the journey.

Picnics are timeless, they’re acceptable for any meal and all ages. Take your time, slow down, taste, sip and enjoy the Bellarine and it’s bounty.
There’s plenty to share with everyone

A Grand Gift

Give someone an experience they’ll never forget. Great local food, drink, and hospitality OR a promise to stay in our boutique accommodation.

Because everyone deserves something to look forward to.

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